Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights – 10 Dimmable Bulbs

Achieve flawless makeup application with the magic of Hollywood style lighting. Dimmable LED Vanity Mirror Lights offer studio-quality illumination for your vanity.

Color White/Multicolored
Brand Brightown
Material Plastic
Style Mirror Lights
Shade material Plastic
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Level Up Your Glam Station with Vanity Mirror Lights ✨

Ever find yourself struggling to put on makeup in lackluster lighting? We’ve all been there. One side of your face seems perfectly contoured, while the other is shrouded in shadow. But fear not, beauty lovers! There’s a simple solution to achieve flawless makeup application any time of day: Vanity Mirror Lights


Brighten Up Your Routine with Hollywood Magic 🔮

Imagine having the perfect lighting setup for your makeup routine, just like the stars in Hollywood . Vanity mirror lights mimic that studio-quality illumination, bathing your face in a soft, even glow. This allows you to see every detail of your face, ensuring a flawless and professional-looking makeup application every single time.

Vanity Mirror Lights for Flawless Makeup | Hollywood Glow Up!

Unveiling the Magic: How Vanity Mirror Lights Work 🪄

So, how exactly do these magical lights work their glam-enhancing powers? Here’s the breakdown:

  • Multiple Dimmable Bulbs: Mirror lights typically come with a strip of LED bulbs, usually around 10, that cast a bright but diffused light. The best part? These bulbs are often dimmable, allowing you to adjust the brightness to your preference. Need a bright light for detailed work on your eyebrows? No problem! Want a softer light for applying blush? You got it!
  • Easy Installation: Most mirror lights are designed for easy installation. They come with adhesive backing or mounting screws, so you can transform your vanity into a Hollywood-worthy glam station in no time.

bathroom lights

But Wait, There’s More! The Perks of Vanity Mirror Lights ✨

Apart from achieving flawless makeup, mirror lights offer a surprising number of benefits:

  • Enhanced Confidence: Good lighting makes all the difference! With proper illumination, you can see exactly what you’re doing, boosting your confidence as you apply your makeup.
  • Content Creator’s Dream: These lights are perfect for content creators who film makeup tutorials or take selfies showcasing their latest looks. The even lighting ensures your face looks its absolute best on camera.
  • Versatility Beyond Makeup: Vanity lights aren’t just for makeup enthusiasts! They can also be used to create a more inviting atmosphere in your bathroom or add a touch of Hollywood glam to your dressing room. 🪞

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So ditch the uneven lighting and step into the world of perfectly lit makeup application. With vanity mirror lights, you’ll be a makeup maestro in no time, channeling your inner Hollywood star every single day.

Vanity Lights for Mirror

Easy to Install

Use the included double-sided adhesive sticker to fix the LED mirror lights firmly to a wall, mirror, or mirror frame. Leave no marks on the mirror when removed

Adjustable Length

The lead wire length is 5.9ft and the lighted length of the makeup lights is 8.86ft. You can rotate bulbs to hide extra wires to keep them tidy

Wide Applications

Perfect for your makeup table, wall, body and dressing mirror, bedroom, bathroom, dressing room, vanity, living room, salon, dorm room, party or festival decor

Self-adhesive Sticker

Use the included double-sided adhesive sticker to fix the LED mirror lights firmly to a wall, mirror, or mirror frame. Leave no marks on the mirror when removed


Push the button on the wire to adjust brightness of the vanity lights for makeup desk to fit your needs for different accasions

Power Adaptor Included

10 LED vanity mirror lights has soft, natural and bright lights. You can put on make-up for a long time without hurting your eyes

Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars

Customers say

Customers like the performance, ease of installation, dimming and value of the light fixture. They mention that it works perfectly for any set up, it’s easy to space out and apply and that it’ll save you money. They are also happy with appearance, and brightness.


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