Backyard Bliss: G40 Multicolor Outdoor String Lights Set the Mood Al Fresco

Transform your outdoor space! G40 Multicolor Outdoor string lights create a magical ambiance for entertaining or relaxing. String them up & let the good times shine!

Color Yellow/Multicolored
Brand Brightown
Light Source Type LED
Number of Lights 25/38/50/100 ft
Bulb shape size G40




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Turn Your Patio Into a Wonderland with Multicolor Outdoor String Lights! 💡

Lights, Colors, Action!

Transform your backyard into a kaleidoscope of joy with the Multicolor Outdoor String Lights. It’s not just lighting; it’s a fiesta for your patio!

Multicolor Outdoor String Lights

25 Feet of Pure Whimsy: Unleash the Colorful Magic ✨

Length That Wows

Imagine 25 feet of pure festivity illuminating your space. These multicolor outdoor string lights come with 25 shatterproof bulbs, ensuring your party is lit, literally!

Shatterproof Wonders

No more holding your breath when someone accidentally knocks into the lights. These shatterproof bulbs can handle the clumsiest dance moves or playful pets.

shatterproof light

Weather the Weather: Lights That Brave the Elements 🌟

Rain or Shine

Don’t let a bit of rain dampen your parade! These multicolor outdoor string lights weatherproof wonders are designed to withstand the elements, promising a party no matter what the forecast says.

Commercial-Grade Fun

Feel like you’re running a chic bistro or a trendy pergola party. These commercial hanging lights add a touch of sophistication to your outdoor decor.

garden light

Multicolor Outdoor String Lights E12 Socket Base: Plug and Play into the Night 🌃

Effortless E12 Magic

The E12 socket base ensures easy installation. Simply plug and play your way into a night of enchanting ambiance, no electrician wizardry required.

Party Perfection

Whether it’s a lively get-together or a quiet evening under the stars, these multicolor outdoor string lights turn any occasion into a memorable celebration.

In conclusion, the Multicolor Outdoor String Lights aren’t just lights; they’re the magic wand your patio needs. With 25 feet of colorful whimsy, weatherproof resilience, and an effortless E12 socket base, let the enchanting festivities begin! ✔️

G40 string light

Brightown brightness led patio string lights are made of high quality material and waterproof technology, which is UL Listed certified, waterproof, safe, flexible and practical, to meet the lighting and decoration needs of different occasions.

It is a perfect ornament for outdoor market, carport, loft, apartment, pool area, kitchen dining area, classroom, dorm, gatherings, holiday

  • Shaterproof and safe: Outdoor hanging lights come with 100 led g40 bulbs + 4 spare bulbs. This led G40 bulbs made of plastic, much shatterproof than traditional glass bulb type. Low working temperature, and safe for touch
  • Connectable: 6″ lead with male plug, 12″ spacing between bulbs, 6″ tail with female connector. Total Length 100 feet. Globe led string lights can end to end connectable up to 3 strands(=300feet), feel free to customize your arrangements(Not connect with remote string lights)
  • Energy saving: Each led bulb 1w (= 5w tradition bulbs), much lower wattage will save more energy for you, but the lifespan is 10 to 20 times of the traditional tungsten bulb. Candelabra (e12) socket base
  • Durable and widely used: IP44 professional waterproof dc connector, suitable for indoor outdoor decoration. 2200k warm white lights great for patio, backyard, deck, garden, tents, umbrella, canopy, pergola, overhead desk, festoon lighting
  • Easy installation : This outdoor decorative light string is very easy to install with a lights gripper, cable tie or cup hook, fix it or place it anywhere as you need

Sustainability features

Sustainability features

This product has sustainability features recognized by trusted certifications.

Carbon impact

Carbon emissions from the lifecycle of this product were measured, reduced and offset.

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Climate neutral by ClimatePartner

Climate neutral by ClimatePartner
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Climate Pledge Friendly

Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars

Customers say

Customers like the material, appearance, brightness, quality and value of the string light. For example, they mention that the bulbs are made of clear plastic, they look really nice, the ambiance they add to their garden is beautiful and that the clip-on design makes hanging soo easy. They also like the value, and weather resistance.


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