Luxurious Soak: 59″ Freestanding Bathtub by Woodbridge

Transform your bathroom into a spa retreat with a luxurious 59″ freestanding bathtub by Woodbridge. Unwind in style and soak away stress in this contemporary acrylic tub.

Color Brushed Nickel
Material Acrylic
Product Dimensions 59″L x 29.5″W x 23.25″H
Style Morden
Finish Type Brushed
Item Weight 88 Pounds
Installation Type Freestanding
Capacity 55 Gallons
Shape Oval
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Soaking in Luxury: Unveiling the Magic of

Freestanding Tubs!

Imagine this: after a long, hard day, you step into a bathroom oasis. The worries of the world fade away as you sink into a bathtub that feels more like a spa retreat than a basic plumbing fixture. This, my friends, is the magic of freestanding tubs!

Freestanding tubs are exactly what they sound like – luxurious bathtubs that stand alone, separate from your bathroom walls. But beyond their stunning aesthetic, these soakers offer a multitude of benefits that can transform your bath time from a chore into a luxurious self-care ritual.

Freestanding Tubs: A Haven of Comfort and Style

Let’s talk about the centerpiece of your bathroom sanctuary: the Woodbridge 59″ Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub. Crafted from high-gloss white acrylic, this beauty is not only comfortable but also incredibly durable. Imagine stretching out in its spacious interior, designed to hug your curves for ultimate relaxation. Plus, the built-in overflow drain and slip-resistant surface ensure a safe and enjoyable soak every single time.

And it’s not just about comfort – this freestanding tub is a style statement too! Its modern, oval design with a brushed nickel finish adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom. It’s the perfect centerpiece that will leave your guests speechless – who wouldn’t be impressed by a bathtub that looks like it belongs in a five-star hotel?

Freestanding Tubs 59" Bathtub Bliss | Soak in Style & Comfort!

Freestanding Tubs

More Than Just a Pretty Tub – The Perks of Going Freestanding!

Sure, freestanding tubs look amazing, but they also boast some practical advantages over traditional built-in tubs. Here’s a peek at why you might just fall in love with a freestanding design:

  • Versatility in Design: Unlike built-in tubs that are confined to corners, freestanding tubs offer more flexibility in terms of placement. They can be the focal point of your bathroom or tucked away in a serene corner for a more private feel.
  • Easier Cleaning: Because they’re not surrounded by walls and fixtures, freestanding tubs are a breeze to clean. You can simply wipe them down with a damp cloth and your favorite bathroom cleaner, keeping your haven sparkling and hygienic.
  • Aromatherapy Paradise: Ever dreamed of turning your bathroom into a personal spa? Freestanding tubs make it incredibly easy! Simply add your favorite essential oils to your bathwater, light some candles, and let the freestanding design envelop you in a cocoon of relaxation.

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Taking the Plunge: Things to Consider Before Bringing Home Your Freestanding Dream

So, you’re sold on the idea of a freestanding tub? Fantastic! But before you dive headfirst (pun intended!), here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Size Matters: Freestanding tubs come in all shapes and sizes. Make sure you measure your bathroom carefully to ensure your new centerpiece won’t leave you feeling cramped.
  • Water Supply and Drainage: Unlike built-in tubs, freestanding tubs require separate plumbing considerations for both water supply and drainage. Factor in the additional installation costs when budgeting for your dream tub.
  • Weight Capacity: These luxurious tubs can be quite heavy! Make sure your bathroom floor is strong enough to support the weight of the tub when it’s filled with water.


By considering these factors, you can ensure a smooth and successful transition to freestanding tub bliss. So go forth, research your options, and get ready to experience the unparalleled comfort and luxury that a freestanding tub can bring to your bathroom!


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