Anywhere Workout Wonder: TRX GO – Train Like a Pro, Wherever You Go

Unlock your fitness potential with the TRX GO! This versatile suspension trainer helps you build muscle, burn fat, & improve flexibility. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, TRX GO delivers fun & challenging workouts you can do anywhere.

Color Grey/Black
Material Nylon
Brand TRX
Tension Level 350lbs
Item Dimensions LxWxH 53 x 1 x 6 inches

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Elevate Your Fitness Fun with the TRX GO Suspension Trainer 🏃‍♂️

Portable Gym Magic: Meet the TRX GO Suspension Trainer

Say goodbye to gym fees and hello to your portable gym – the TRX GO Suspension Trainer, a full-body workout wonder.

TRX GO Suspension Trainer

Full-Body Bliss: Achieve Your Fitness Goals 💪

Ready for a workout that targets every inch? The TRX GO Suspension Trainer is your ticket to full-body bliss, adaptable to all fitness levels and goals.

Lightweight Marvel: Take Your Gym Anywhere

It’s not just equipment; it’s a lightweight marvel. Take your TRX GO anywhere – home, park, or your favorite outdoor spot.


Fast, Fun, Effective: Workout Time Turned Adventure 🧗‍♂️

Quick Workouts: Say Goodbye to Boredom

Who has time for lengthy workouts? The TRX GO Suspension Trainer offers fast, fun, and effective workouts, bidding boredom a cheerful farewell.

Adventure in Every Move: Outdoor Fitness Fiesta

Take your workout outdoors! The TRX GO Suspension Trainer transforms your outdoor space into a fitness fiesta, making every move an adventure.


Why TRX GO Suspension Trainer? Because Fitness Should Be Fun ✔️

All Levels Welcome: Your Fitness Playground

It’s not exclusive; it’s inclusive. TRX GO Suspension Trainer welcomes all fitness levels, turning your workout into a playground of fun and achievement.

Easy Peasy Setup: No Gym Anxiety Here

No need for a degree in gym setup. The TRX GO is easy-peasy, ensuring your fitness journey starts without any gym anxiety.

In conclusion, the TRX GO Suspension Trainer isn’t just exercise equipment; it’s your passport to fitness fun. With its full-body bliss, lightweight marvel status, and the promise of fast, fun, and effective workouts, it transforms any space into your personal fitness playground. Say hello to the TRX GO – where fitness meets adventure, and every workout is a celebration of strength and joy. 🫶

A person using Suspension Trainer workout straps. Text reads: Original workout system.

  • ALL LEVELS, ALL GOALS – TRX GO is a lightweight Suspension Trainer, easy to use at home or on the go, easy to pack & travel. Perfect for fun, fast and effective workouts in as little as 20 minutes per day. Workout anywhere, anytime and advance at your own pace.
  • ONE POUND WONDER – Includes Suspension Training Strap, Indoor/Outdoor Anchors & Mesh Carry Bag. Download TRX Training App for hundreds of workouts by world-class trainers. TRX GO is the perfect Home Gym complement for all types of training.
  • PROVEN RESULTS – Bodyweight Suspension Training has been proven to increase muscular activation, reduce injury risk and accelerate results. TRX allows you to build lean muscle, burn fat, increase range of motion, and improve your performance in life and sport.
  • SAFETY-TESTED – TRX is safety-tested to support bodyweight up to 700 pounds. TRX has been used for over 10 years by the US Military, Pro Sports teams, and world-class athletes worldwide and comes with our full TRX two-year Superior Quality Warranty.
  • YOUR TRIAL TO THE TRX TRAINING CLUB APP: Experience unlimited access to 500+ on-demand workouts: weight training, cardio, cross-training, sport athleticism, resistance and mobility training, and prehab and rehab. Find 100s of workouts for every goal! All workouts guided by world-class certified TRX trainers.
  • NOTE – You no longer need a Key To Free Card to access our TRX TRAINING CLUB APP. You can download the app and access your FREE TRIAL.

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4.8 out of 5 stars

Customers say

Customers like the ease of use, durability, quality, performance, and portability of the exercise strap. For example, they mention it’s easy to set up and take down, it’ll work your whole body, and that the instructions are clear. They appreciate the variety of sturdy options and that it’d be excellent for those days when they travel. They also like that it fits neatly into any bag and doesn’t weigh much.


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