Glow Up Walks! Truelove Harness Safe & Stylish

Keep your pup safe and stylish with the Truelove Reflective Harness! This comfy, adjustable harness features 3M reflective material for nighttime walks, plus a breathable mesh interior for all-weather comfort. ☀️❄️ Explore the great outdoors together, worry-free! ️

Size Chest(cm/in)
XS 33-43cm/13-17in
S 43-56cm/17-22in
M 56-69cm/22-27in
L 69-81cm/27-32in
XL 81-107cm/32-42in


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🐾 Unleash the Adventure: Truelove Dog Harness Review

Embarking on walks with your furry friend has never been more enjoyable, thanks to the Truelove Dog Harness. Dive into the details of this versatile, comfy, and stylish accessory designed for maximum comfort and safety.

Truelove Dog Harness Reflective| Shine with your Dog Night Walks!

Reflective Safety: Day or Night, We’ve Got You Covered

Safety is paramount, and Truelove Dog Harness knows it! The 3M reflective material ensures your dog is visible day or night, adding an extra layer of security to your outdoor adventures.

🏋️‍♂️ Truelove Dog Harness Built to Last: Durable Yet Gentle

Truelove Dog Harness boasts a scratch-resistant oxford exterior that can handle the rough play of your pup. Inside, the combination of nylon webbing and soft sponge padding ensures comfort during extended wear.

🔗 Two Leash Attachment Points: Because Options are a Good Thing

Customize your walking experience with the choice of an Aluminium alloy D ring on the back or a Stainless steel O-ring on the front. Truelove Dog Harness offers flexibility to match your walking style.

👌 Ergonomic Design: Easy On, Easy Off, Maximum Comfort

Bid farewell to wrestling matches during walk time. Truelove’s ergonomic design ensures a hassle-free experience, reducing the risk of chafing and skin irritation for your furry friend.

🌦️ All-Weather Wonder: Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter

Truelove Dog Harness goes the extra mile to keep your pet comfortable year-round. The all-weather feature helps regulate body temperature, ensuring your dog stays cool in summer and warm in winter.

Truelove Dog Harness Reflective| Shine with your Dog Night Walks!

In the vast world of dog accessories, the Truelove Dog Harness stands out as a genuine companion for your four-legged friend. Gear up, clip on, and get ready for paws-itively delightful walks ahead! 🐾✨

Type:Padded Reflective Nylon Dog Harness

Material:Oxford,Mesh,Nylon,Soft padded


Reflective Safety:3M reflective material, ensuring the canine’s safety above all else whether it is day or night.

Exterior :Durable outer layer with scratch-resistant oxford material.

Interior :Nylon webbing with soft sponge padded sections with key load dispersion for comfortable extended wear

Two-leash attachment points:Aluminium alloy D ring on the harness’s back, andStainless steel O-ringon the harness’s front.

Ergonomic design :Easy on, easy off. Reduces risk of common harness chafing irritation of skin by repetitive friction.

Straps:Adjustable straps with quick-release buckles are also in-bedded with reflective pipping. (Extra reflective coverage)

All-weather feature:Helps keep pet’s body temperature cool in summer by releasing excess heat and warm in the winter by retaining heat.


1.Nylon webbing with3M Scotchlite reflectivematerial ensures great visibility at night.

2.Two-leash attachment points:Aluminum -alloy D-ring on the dog’s back and stainless steel O-ring on the dog’s chest.

3.Handle on the backcan better control the movement of dog and ensure the dog’s safety on the car.

4.Lightweight DuraflexBuckle with large loading capacity which greatly improves tensile strength.

5.High quality sandwich mesh paddedcreate a special texture soft,do not stimulate the pet’s skin.

6.PERFECT MATCH FOR TRUELOVE LEASH- Made from the same design and bright stylish

colors as the TRUELOVE LEASH.Your Dog will be the Talk of the Neighborhood.

Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars

Customers say

1- very good product, strong materials. M is to small for my border colie (23kg) so i returned it and bought a new one in ‘L’ size which was perfect

2- Very comfortable harness for the dog and for the owner, since you put it 2 or 3 times you already do it quickly. The leash does not move from its place and the best thing is that it will continue to serve my puppy when it grows up.


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