Hoot Your Way to Happy: Adorable Owl Statue Charms Your Home

Wisdom & wonder in one! ✨ This owl statue brings a touch of magic to your home decor. Handcrafted with love, it makes a perfect gift for owl lovers or anyone who appreciates unique accents.

Color White/Black/Gold
Material Polyresin
Brand APPS2Car
Item Dimensions LxWxH 4.2 x 2 x 4.5 inches
Item Weight 0.53 Pounds
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Whimsical Wisdom: The Owl Statue Magic 🦉

Charming Décor Delight: APPS2Car’s Handmade Polka Dots Buhos

Meet your new feathered friend – the Owl Statue by APPS2Car. This whimsical creature isn’t just an ornament; it’s a personality-packed piece ready to add charm to any space.

desk deocr statue

Handmade Happiness: Crafting Whimsy in Polka Dots 🌟

Crafted with love, this owl statue is not your ordinary decor piece; it’s a testament to handmade happiness. Polka dots add a touch of playfulness, making it a delight for all ages.

Owls Everywhere: Indoor Styling Sensation

Place it on your bookshelf, desktop, cabinet, fireplace mantel – this owl loves to show off its style everywhere. It’s the indoor styling sensation you didn’t know you needed.

Whoo’s Your Buddy: Owls as Living Room Companions 🔮

Living Room Charm: Owl Ornaments with Personality

Spruce up your living room with the whimsical charm of the APPS2Car Owl Statue. These ornaments aren’t just birds; they’re personality-packed companions, ready to make your space lively.

Bedroom Bliss: Sleepy Owls for a Relaxing Atmosphere

In the bedroom, these owl figurines bring a sense of tranquility. Their sleepy-eyed charm adds to a relaxing atmosphere, making your bedroom a cozy haven.

Office Whimsy: Owls Bringing Fun to Work ✔️

Desk Décor Delight: Owl Figurines on Your Work Desk

Turn your office space into a haven of whimsy with the APPS2Car Owl Statue. These figurines are the perfect desk companions, bringing a dash of fun to your workday.

In conclusion, the Owl Statue by APPS2Car is more than just a decoration; it’s a burst of whimsy and personality for your space. With handmade polka dots, indoor styling versatility, and the charm to lighten up any room, these owl figurines are your delightful decor buddies. Embrace the whimsical wisdom and let the owls take center stage in your home or office!

home decor statue

  • Pretty chubby crafted owl statue with dots pattern, blends well with most home decor and holiday decors. Just place it on the place you like, such as bookshelf, fireplace mantel, TV cabinet, windowsill, nightstands, table, desk, desktop, coffee corner bar table, entertainment center, etc.
  • Adorable shelf decor blends perfectly with all kind of shelves, such as book shelves, floating shelves, cube shelf, hanging shelves, ladder shelf, hexagon shelves, pipe shelves, wall shelves, corner shelf, bathroom shelves, shelves for bedroom, plant shelf, closet shelves, white shelves, black shelf, rustic shelves, desk shelf, small shelf, display shelf, kitchen shelf, shoe shelf, wood shelves, moon shelf, pantry shelves, tv shelf, dvd shelf, glass shelves, storage shelves, acrylic shelves, etc
  • Small chic cute owl figurine is approximately 4.5 inch tall. Style: Stylish craftsmanship, dots art design. Perfect addition for most other decorative items objects, like artificial plants, wood sign, decorative clock, wood photo picture frame, rattan ball, and more. It will makeover your room and this ended up being perfect.

Crafted Dots Statue Owl Figurine

Perfect fit for the relaxation for wisdom and good luck.

Pattern: Dots

Material: Polyresin

Height: approximately 4.5 inch

Style: Western Dots Design

Color: White Body, Black Dots


– This is a crafed statue, every owl figurine might have minimal difference in weight and height.

– Please place it on a flat and steady surface to protect it from damage.

– Crafted Owl Only, other contents is not included.

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4.8 out of 5 stars

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Customers like the quality, appearance and value of the owl sculpture. They mention that it’s well-made, stunning and a great little add-in for decor. They appreciate the intricate craftsmanship and the value for money. Opinions are mixed on size.


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