Effortless Floor Cleaning | Joybos Spin Mop with Self-Cleaning Tech

Ditch the bucket and wringer! The Joybos Spin Mop features a self-cleaning mop head, dirty water separation, and a space-saving bucket for effortless floor cleaning. Say goodbye to backaches and hello to sparkling floors! ✨

  • Brand Name: Joybos
  • Material: Microfibre Fabric
  • Type: Carrying Type
  • Component Type: Plastic Basket
  • Packaging: With 3 Mopheads
  • Continuous Steaming Time: 26-30 minutes
  • Dehydration Rate: 90% -100%
  • Capacity: >701ml
  • Wringing Method: Carton Flow System
  • Mop Rod Type: Hoisting Rod + Stainless Tray
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Head Shape: Square
  • Weight: <2kg
  • Mop Head Material: Synthetic Cloth
  • Pole Material: Steel
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Feature: Stocked
  • Corrosion Resistance Grade: Grade 5.0-5.9
  • Mop Rod Load-bearing: <10kg
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Unleash the Joy with Joybos Spin Mop: Embrace Effortless Cleaning!

Cleaning just got a whole lot more fun and efficient with the Joybos Spin Mop – a game-changer in the world of household chores! 🌟 Let’s dive into the magic of this self-cleaning rotary mop that’s here to revolutionize your cleaning routine.

Effortless Floor Cleaning: Joybos Spin Mop with Self-Cleaning Tech

1. Joybos Spin Mop Nano Microfiber Magic: Super Large Mop Head for Ultimate Cleanliness!

Say goodbye to the days of wrestling with dirty floors, thanks to the Joybos Spin Mop’s super large nanofiber mop head. 🧹 Its innovative design ensures a clear separation between dirty and clean surfaces, leaving your floors sparkling with minimal effort. This larger-than-life mop head is like a superhero for your home, effortlessly tackling dirt and grime in its path.

2. Exquisite and Efficient: Small Barrel Design Saving Water and Effort!

In the world of cleaning, size does matter – especially when it comes to the water-saving and effort-reducing Joybos Spin Mop. 🚰 The small and exquisite barrel design is not just a space-saver; it’s a game-changer in terms of efficiency.

Picture this: a mop that not only cleans thoroughly but also does it with finesse. The Joybos Spin Mop’s barrel design not only saves water but also ensures that every drop counts. This is the mop that proves great things come in small packages – effortlessly gliding through your cleaning tasks while leaving you with extra time for the things you love.

Effortless Floor Cleaning: Joybos Spin Mop with Self-Cleaning Tech

3. Cleaning Revolution: Washing Machine Centrifugal Design for Maximum Efficiency!

Get ready for a cleaning revolution with the Joybos Spin Mop’s washing machine centrifugal cleaning design. 🔄 This innovative feature takes efficiency to the next level, making your cleaning routine not only faster but also more practical.

Imagine a mop that cleans itself, leaving you with more time to enjoy life. The Joybos Spin Mop’s centrifugal cleaning design is like having a personal cleaning assistant – always ready to jump into action. No more wringing out mop heads or dealing with messy cleaning sessions – let the mop do the work for you.

In conclusion, the Joybos Spin Mop is not just a cleaning tool; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. Embrace the joy of effortless cleaning with its super large nanofiber mop head, small and exquisite barrel, and washing machine centrifugal cleaning design. Say hello to a cleaner, happier home with the Joybos Spin Mop!

Product sellpoints

  • Convenient to clean: The mop bucket is easy to clean, just wipe it with a damp cloth or 
    put it in the washing machine.
  • Well made: The mop head is made of high-quality pp material, which is strong and durable. 
    it can be used for a long time.

    New Generation of Self-Cleaning Rotary Mop

    1. Super large nanofiber mop head, dirty and clean separation
    2. Small and exquisite barrel, saving water and effort
    3. The washing machine centrifugal mopping cleaning design, efficient and practical

  • Dirty and Clean Separation Design

    The centrifugal dehydration design of the double-tub washing machine can truly separate the dirty and clean water.

  • Windmill Irrigation & Washing Machine Centrifugal Technology

    Windmill irrigation self-effluent cleaning,
    Slowly press: Automatically dispense water to clean dirty hair
    Quick press: the principle of washing machine spin-drying and strong dehydration


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