The 5th Max High hydrogen water generator

The 5th Generation Max 3700ppb SPE&PEM High hydrogen concentration hydrogen water bottle and Minimal hydrogen water generator

Hydrogen water absorbs into your body easily to boost your metabolism and increase the body’s micro circulation. The hydrogen water generator bottle makes the water in a high hydrogen concentration from 1700ppb-3700ppb,ORP from -300mv to -700mv.Most Important,with its high quality of DUPONT ion PEM membrane with Multi-layer Platinum plating coating,it puts only pure H2 into the water. Oxygen, Ozone and Chlorine are separated out. So the hydrogen water you get is 99.99% pure H2 and NO Chlorine,No Oxygen,No H2O2,NO Ozone. Able to attach disposable plastic drinking water bottles,portable for travel,work and office. Any kind of water can be used:Mineral Water,Pure Water,and Distilled Water is welcomed.It can electrolyze 0℃ ~ 60℃, even can directly make high purity hydrogen rich water.

H2life Hydrogen Water Bottle Support you:

1. Korean Titanium with 7-layer platinum plating coating SPE. 2. DUPONT ion PEM membrane with Multi-layer Platinum plating coating 3. SPE+PEM hydrogen and oxygen separation design to remove Ozone, Chlorine,Oxygen,H2O2 4. Hydrogen Max up to 3700ppb and Average up to 3300ppb by 9 minute electrolysis mode. 5. ORP up to 300mV ~ -700mV 6. The bottle body is a LG imported PC material from Korean 7. Simple hydrogen absorption device. 8. Exclusive water-soluble hydrogen technology, after hydrogen production for 2 hours, high concentration hydrogen can still be maintained in the hydrogen water bottle 9. Ability to attach your own 1 or even 2 liter plastic bottles. 10. US WEEE certification guarantees,safer and more environmentally friendly.

Main features:

– Super-high concentration:Hydrogen concentration up to 1700ppb for 3 minutes mode, Hydrogen concentration up to 3700ppb for 9 minutes mode. – No limited water quality: Mineral Water,Pure Water,and Distilled Water is welcomed. – Pure hydrogen Water: Hydrogen purify up to 99.99%,only pure hydrogen water in your bottle. – DUPONT ion PEM membrane with Multi-layer Platinum plating coating and implanted in space quantum technology, makes hydrogen concentration higher, permeability stronger, water molecules smaller. – High quality food-grade PC material imported from Korea. It is completely safe.,No release of harmful substances such as bisphenol A. – Elegant and Convenient:An unique semi-automatic touching button designed for this bottle, it is waterproof , durable and no influence by unintentional touch.We designed exhausting valve ports around the bottom of the bottle, so all the impurities will be vented out as gas, no need to dump. – Dual Use Design:With a dual-use design, the BV-012 hydrogen water bottle can be used with any standard water bottle found at the store. So you can enjoy molecular hydrogen anywhere you go.Bring the base unit while you are traveling and attach it to any standard water bottle you buy at the store.(Only suitable for universal mineral water bottleneck inner diameter 26mm.)

Other Features:

1.320ml BPA free plastic container. 2.Up to 15 glasses on one charge, portable for travel, work and office. 3.Two modes:3 and 9 minute options. 4.Best in class with Up to max 3700ppb H2 content. 5.Does not make waste water. 6.One touch operation, smart and easy to use. 7.Quickly produces hydrogen rich water within 3 minutes with no waste water, and can be drunk directly from bottle. 8.Well-sealed for no water leakage. 9.Easy to operate for any age.


Clean with citric acid every 2 to 4 weeks. Easy maintenance !

Package Includes

1 * Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle 1 * USB Charging cable 1 * User Manual Note: that This bottle does NOT come with charger. The cable will plug into any USB port. Any cell phone charger will work.

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  • Brand Name: BlueVida                                                                                            Use: Make hydrogen water
  • Water treatment machine Type: Hydrogen water generator                           Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Model Number: BV-012                                                                                           Function: Direct Drink
  • Type: Ionizer                                                                                                               5 Stage Filtration: No
  • Installation: Table Type                                                                                            Purifying Position: Terminal Purification
  • Water Quality Requirements: Municipal Water/Well Water                           Material: Titanium
  • Capacity: 320ml                                                                                                         Technology&membrane: SPE Technology & PEM membrane
  • Materials of Electrode: Korean Titanium with 7-layer platinum plating coating SPE
  • Membrane: DUPONT N117 ion PEM membrane with Multi-layer Platinum plating coating
  • Hydrogen Concentration: 1300ppb ~ 3700ppb                                                   ORP: -300mV ~ -700mV
  • Water Temperature: 0~60℃                                                                                    Working Period: 3 minutes mode / 9 minutes mode
  • Battery Capacity: 3.7V / 1550MAh                                                                          Bottle Body: LG imported PC material from Korean
  • Separate H2 from O3,H2O2,Chlorine: Yes                                                            Water Quality: Mineral Water,Pure Water,and Distilled Water
  • Mineral water bottle specifications: Inner diameter: 26mm & Outer diameter: 28mm
  • weight: 320g


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