Samsung 50-inch TU-8000 TV: Crystal Clear Picture, Alexa-Built-in

Say goodbye to boring TVs! The Samsung 50″ TU-8000 boasts a dazzling display, smart features & hands-free control with Alexa. Dive into an immersive entertainment experience today! 

Screen Size 43&“50”&55&65&75&85 Inches
Brand Samsung
Supported Internet Services Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, Browser
Display Technology LCD
Product Dimensions 9.9″D x 44″W x 28.3″H
Resolution 4K
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Special Feature Crystal Processor 4K; Crystal Display; HDR; Smart TV Powered by Tizen™; Ambient Mode; Eco Sensor
Model Name TU8000 UHD 8 Series
Included Components Standard Remote, Power Cable, Manual, VESA Wall Mount Support
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Ditch the Tiny Screen, Embrace Crystal Clear Bigness: Unveiling the Samsung 50-inch TU-8000 TV 📺

Remember fuzzy VHS tapes and grainy cable TV? Yeah, those days are officially over. Picture this: you’re curled up on the couch, popcorn in hand, ready to binge your favorite show. But instead of squinting at a postage stamp-sized screen, you’re immersed in a crystal-clear, 50-inch masterpiece. That, my friends, is the magic of the Samsung 50-inch TU-8000 TV. 🎞️

Samsung 50-inch TU-8000 TV

Crystal Clear Like Never Before:

Forget squinting to decipher blurry details. The Samsung 50-inch TU-8000 TV boasts stunning 4K resolution, making images four times sharper than Full HD. Imagine action movies where explosions leap off the screen, nature documentaries where you practically feel the sun on your skin, and every detail in your favorite characters coming alive. It’s like stepping into another world, and all from the comfort of your living room. 🎬

Different video games on multiple screens

Color Explosion:

But hold on, Samsung 50-inch TU-8000 TV the magic doesn’t stop at clarity. The TU-8000 throws a color party for your eyes with its Crystal UHD technology. Think richer, deeper reds, vibrant greens that pop, and blues that transport you to the ocean depths. Every scene explodes with life, making even the most mundane documentary feel like a visual feast. 📽️

Side-by-Side comparison of Crystal Display vs. Samsung Conventional TV

Alexa, Your Entertainment Butler:

Feeling lazy? No problem! The Samsung 50-inch TU-8000 TV has Alexa built right in, ready to be your personal entertainment genie. Just say the word, and Alexa will dim the lights, switch channels, recommend movies, or even order pizza (because movie nights are always better with pizza, duh). Plus, with a sleek, minimalist design, the TU-8000 looks as good as it performs, seamlessly blending into your home decor.✨

Compatible with Bixby and Alexa

Samsung 50-inch TU-8000 TV More Than Just a TV:

But the Samsung 50-inch TU-8000 TV is more than just a pretty face (and believe me, it’s a very pretty face). It’s a gateway to endless entertainment possibilities. Stream your favorite shows, binge-watch movies, unleash your inner gamer, or even connect your phone to display those epic vacation photos on the big screen. With a user-friendly interface and tons of built-in apps, the TU-8000 is your one-stop shop for all things entertainment.💢

Someone using OneRemote to browse streaming apps on the UHD TV

So, are you ready to ditch the tiny screen and embrace crystal clear bigness? The Samsung 50-inch TU-8000 TV is waiting to transform your living room into an entertainment haven. Trust me, your eyes (and your couch) will thank you. ✔️

Ready. Set. 4K.

Experience movies & shows on a stunning 4K UHD TV

Experience your favorite movies and shows on a vibrant, stunning 4K UHD screen, using the Universal Guide to surf smoothly and select content. Everything you watch is automatically upscaled into 4K for stunningly vivid color and detail.

Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars

Customers say

Customers like the value, ease of installation, and picture quality of the television. For example, they mention it’s very good for the price, easy to set up and operate, and produces an amazing picture. That said, some complain about the remote control, saying it’d be better if it had more buttons.


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