Kitsure Sponges for Cleaning,Dish Scrub Sponges

Kitsure Sponges for Cleaning, 24 Pack Non-Scratch Dish Sponges & Scrub Sponges for Effortless Cleaning of Tableware, Utensils and Water Channel All at Once, Size: 4.9″x2.6″x1.2″

Brand Kitsure
Color Orange,blue,red
Material Foam

About this item

  • 🧽Quick Drying & Reusable – Kitsure sponges for dishes effectively protect the product from nasty odors. They take short time to dry and can be re-used over again with good rebound resilience. Replace sponges regularly (every 2 to 6 weeks, or as soon as they become worn or start to smell ). 24-pack replacement sponges in one box, one for 2 weeks, sufficient enough for your one year’s washing needs.
  • 🏠Ways to Keep Sponges Safety – High heat can effectively knock out residue in your dish sponge. 1. Microwave sponge. Simply zap your sponge in the microwave until it is completely dried out. This will kill 99.9% of dangerous residue and discourage substance from forming. 2. Dry sponge in dishwasher. Simply throw sponge in dishwasher with dishes, to kill dangerous residue in a kitchen sponge by running it in “heated dry” cycle. And please store it in a dry location after cleaning.
  • 🍲Non-Scratch – Kisture no lapping compound kitchen sponges and scrubbers mean no worries, no scratches, no excuses! They wipe away messes from tableware, utensils and worktop or any other surface with a finish you don’t want to scratch. Each sponge is 4.9×2.6×1.2″. They are comfortable and easy to hold to clean without scratching.
  • 👋Fast Cleaning – Dual-sided design allows Kitsure kitchen sponge to remove stubborn stains effectively. Durable and long lasting premium scrubbing material helps to tackle tough chores. The non-abrasive sponge side wipes away dirt and particles.
  • 🎁Multipurpose – The intermediate bubble sponge makes it foam easily even with a little detergent. This cleaning sponge is ideal for general cleaning duties and tough jobs, widely used in kitchen, bathroom, garage, outdoor, cleaning pots & pans, and much more.

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