DecoSource Blackout Grommet Curtains Panels

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DecoSource – 2 Wall-to-Wall Blackout Grommet Curtains Panels

6 colors
  • BlackCharcoalIvoryLight GreyNavyTaupe
Material Polyester & Polyester Blend
Top Finish Grommet
Brand DecoSource
Fabric Type 100% Polyester

About this item

  • 100% Polyester
  • Package includes: 2 panels 108 inches wide x 120 inches long each. Total size 216 inches wide by 108 inches long. Bottom hem 4 inches
  • Each panels has 18 grommets, total 36 grommets. All our grommets has opening 1.6 inch diameter
  • Our curtains feature a high quality, 100% Polyester, thermal insulated blackout fabric that will keep 99% of sunlight out. This fabric will allow you or your kids to sleep well and get fully refreshed without any annoyance. Plus, the quality material saves you from further frustration as sound bounces off the material. That means, itÕs simply a lifesaver for anyone who is a light sleeper and needs some extra protection from outside world fuss.
  • Keeping sunlight out during extra hot days can also make a huge money saving difference as it will help keep your kidÕs room, your own room and even any business setting cooled down for much less than keeping the air-conditioning constantly on!

MICAH, The Blackout Curtains Of Your Dreams

Our premium thermal insulated blackout curtains will help you get what is considered imperative to ones well-being, a good nights sleep.

Keep All The Sunlight Away!

Sunlight means life, but after a long night shift or nights work, sunlight can be the negative factor that leads to sleep deprivation and the many health issues that arise from it.

Our premium blackout window curtain panels are 100% made of high quality, durable Polyester that is thermal insulated and will keep 99% of sunlight outside your room.

Furthermore, our window curtains will also protect you from any ruckus and loud noises that take place outside, making our curtains perfect for light sleepers.

Simply put, MICAH curtains are your best bet to keep all the disturbances and frustration of the outside world from creeping up to steal your precious moments with your family and deprive you of rejuvenating sleep.

The Best & Safest Choice For Kids Rooms

Our premium thermal insulated curtains are also ideal for protecting your little ones! Featuring a smart design that does not attract dust or mites, it will keep your baby or toddler safe from dust exposure and allergies.

Furthermore, the thermal insulation technology will help keep any room in your house or business cooled down while saving you a small fortune otherwise spent on electrical bills!

The Ideal Choice For Every Home

Our blackout curtains come in various sizes and colors for you to find the perfect choice that matches your home decor.

Plus, you have the choice of ordering a single panel or a pair, according to whatever you need!

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