Artificial Turf Outdoor Carpet Grass – Outside Rug

Artificial Turf Outdoor Carpet Grass 5 x 16FT 1.2″ Pile Heigh Astro Turf Outside Rug Artificial Grass Outdoor for Garden Backyard Balcony Swimming Pool Patio Garden Decoration and Other Outdoor Place

Size:5 FT x 16 FT=80 SQF
Material: Choose environmentally friendly and high quality material of PE&PP. The back side use material of styrene butadiene latex. Long time immersion will not dehiscent and fade. Our Artificial grass is Non-toxic and lead free, Excellent surface is good for pets and kids to play on.
Quality: Our Artificial grass are past UV-proof test and got SGS certificate , Non-Toxic! Product with feature of Fire Retardant, Water Permeability,Anti-Aging, Abrasion and Weather resistant, Made of super-strong high density polyethylene, It’s keep soft touch and gorgeous.
Grass Pile Height: 1.2″ Inch
Lawn Colors: 3 tones blades, green
Net Weight: 33 pound/piece
Package Dimension: 60″ x 8″ x 8″ Inches
1. Appearance and texture of real grass, looks & feels like real natural grass.
2. No maintenance,No Mowing, No Watering No Fertilizing and No spraying, But keep Looks PERFECTLY FRESH AND GREEN ALL YEAR ROUND.
3. Our Artificial grass are past UV-proof test and got SGS certificate , Non-Toxic! Safe and widely used in outdoors and indoors
4. Performance yarn for greater resiliency, high temperature resistance, fade resistance, superior durability.
Easy Installation:
Made to withstand for All Weather Conditions, You can easy cut what kind of size or shape you need. You only need to choose an area to put and roll out the grass then cut your sizes to better accommodate your place.
1. When laying multiple pieces of artificial turf, keep the grass stack oriented in the same direction to ensure that the colors look the same.There’s a visual color difference between the different directions of grass stack, But in fact our turf is same color with same size and type.
2. You can shake the piece of grass several times to remove small debris from the carpet for get better experience.

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